Steven A. Yagyagan
Author, Actor and Musician

Steve is a father and husband who decided to start running again after a three-year hiatus. He took his Chow Chow-Shiba Inu mix dog, Koa, along with him on his daily runs. Within a month, he started to connect with nature, appreciating the birds, trees, flowers, ocean, sunrises and sunsets. Then, he started to form haiku poems in his mind as he ran. His lovefest for nature and haikus led him to get carried away with his running. Before he knew it, he was running eight, nine and ten miles. He started running in July 2011 and is still running in 2013 with Koa and writing haiku poems every day. His life has become more spiritual than before. 

Steve has three more books slated for publication in 2013, but he hopes to publish a minimum of five books this year. His book has been well-received by its first reviewers, giving him 4 and 5-star ratings. Steve's poetry is deeply personal to him and he hopes that you'll savor every line and every haiku slowly, like fine wine. He wants you to take a moment and feel the message. What does it mean to you? Can you relate to it somewhere in your life's journey? Mostly, Steve hopes his words will help you heal spiritually.

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